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Seeing clients achieve huge change brings deep satisfaction, and I would like to thank them all for:

  • the privilege they’ve bestowed in asking me to help them.
  • the trust in paying my fees in advance, sealed with just a handshake and no contract.
  • the conviction they consistently display in saying “I believe in you unconditionally”.

Each and every journey with them makes the outcome all the richer.

I’m extremely privileged and proud to see the positive changes that my clients go on to achieve. Even more so, I’m humbled and grateful to them for writing about how they’ve benefited from our time together.

Here are just some of the happy and bona fide success stories, testimonials and personal quotations from the last 24 years…

I felt I had done all I was going to do – no one was going to give me a job and I wouldn’t be able to earn any money. Not because I am useless but because I felt old and tired and had lost my mojo. You can’t start a new career at 57. But, dear reader, you can and I have!
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I knew I needed to make a career move, but with a young family to support and approaching middle age, I wanted to ensure that I made the right move. I decided that if I could find the right person, then it would be worth engaging a career coach to help me.
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Simon somehow flicked a switch in my head – how he did it, I don’t know, but I feel very different. I always knew deep down that I had a good brain, but a lack of confidence, due to feeling undervalued in the workplace, had made me aim far too low.
Read Kate Jeffrey's career story

I think it is now safe to say that my confidence was at rock bottom. I was a slave to my job and could not find a way to move on to a much better role. Simon not only shaped how I viewed my career, he transformed my whole attitude about myself, my self worth, my value, my confidence and my self esteem.
Read Fola Togunloju's career story

Unhappy and discontented working for yet another awful boss and like most repetitive cycles it culminates in a major feeling of unhappiness across work and bleeding into home life... that was me. But thankfully NO MORE... because of one very amazing coach and now close personal friend Simon Scantlebury.
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I told myself that I was fine, that I was taking a well deserved break and that a job would soon fall into my lap at some point. It didn’t – which made my self-esteem hit rock bottom too. Wallowing in self-pity and blitzing through my redundancy pay, I needed a ladder to help me out of the rut that I had dug myself. That ladder came in the form of Simon.
Read Emma Parker's career story

Simon was interested in helping me and was confident in my ability to make the right choices for my future. He has been a great support, even when he was being tough on me, he was also encouraging and he kept me focussed and on track.
Read Bobbie Coughtrey's career story

Simon enabled us to revolutionise our lives. Life is the best it has ever been. I have been intensely moved by the whole experience. Although John was the client, he helped me free of charge.
Read Freya Jones's career story

Making the decision to hire a coach for business or career is a personal one. The people I know that do have a coach are, in the main, either at the highest level of the corporate ladder or successfully self-employed.
Read Michael Schaefer's career story

So what did Simon do for me? He got inside my head and made me recognise my true worth. He made me see myself differently and was always there whenever I needed him at any time. It was immensely reassuring to have that support and not be on my own.
Read Carole Butler's career story

Simon is not a standard career adviser – he is so much more. I describe him as a lifestyle coach clarifying what kind of life I really wanted that the career would have to fit into.
Read Dennis Madyirapanze's career story

Simon gifted me with a new perspective; a new way of seeing. He was able to hold up a mirror to me. I saw in that mirror all my self-doubt, and all the hundreds of reasons I had constructed to keep me from my vision. This is Simon's greatest gift; he watches and listens closely and then leads you - with deep compassion - to the root of the matter.
Read Holly Cole's career story

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