Alisa Lakeman

My Transformation

I started my professional life as a nurse, joined the Army, was Commissioned, moved into the mainstream military and achieved promotion to a reasonably senior rank. I saw action in Iraq, Kosovo and Bosnia and spent time in the Falklands and N Ireland. After 16 years of an experience I never regretted, I left.

I then spent two fruitless years trying to land a permanent position (I survived on interim roles). At the time I first met Simon, I felt incredibly frustrated, angry, very unstable and profoundly frightened. I just didn't know what to do next and was completely disillusioned.

My partner suggested I try a career consultant (I didn't know what they were). I sent the initial enquiry off and within a couple of hours had a call from Simon. I went for my first meeting with him, accompanied by my partner. I was hugely sceptical and didn't trust anyone; I had lost all confidence in myself. Simon provided me with 20+ letters from clients who rated him very highly, to the point of achieving major change in their lives. I rang 5 or 6 who gave me plenty of reassurance, so I decided to go for it. Even so, parting with £4K up front was very scary but it made me 100% committed to ensure I succeeded.

The prime benefit I got was renewed confidence, hope and belief. I found myself again, I found the real me. I found I could be confident as a person, without the need of a uniform and a rank.

The upshot is that I am now a powerful, strong, positive person who will be the best at whatever I do – second best is not an option for me.

I have learnt how to sell and market myself and I've learnt how to network (previously unknown and unchartered territory). Before interviews, I revisit the notes I received when I did my mock interview practice to remind myself that 'I can do it'. I also learnt to smile!

In just 2½ months, I have landed a really challenging job in sales, which is so far removed from anything any of us thought I would do but it is a hugely exciting new adventure for me which will also be good for my personal growth and has got me out of operation roles, which is where I have spent my career to date.

You may be interested to learn that I got the job as a result of a network contact at a funeral. Prior to this, with my new found self marketing skills and a great CV (thank you Simon!), I was one of 4 out of 85 interviewed to be Director of a Chelsea Interior Design Company (I was too corporate; I wore a suit) and also short listed to be CEO of a charity.

I have also learnt that just because I've got a great job, I must keep one eye on the job market, feelers will be out there all the time and I will continue to attend the 3 networking circles to which I belong.

Mine is a story of transformation from a sense of utter hopelessness and fear to 'there is nothing I can't do'. Thank you, Simon, you called me a star but that is precisely what you are.

Anyone is welcome to contact me for further feedback.

Alisa Lakeman

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