Fola's Career Coaching Story

Hopefully you'll have had time to watch the video I posted from one of my previous career coaching clients, Fola. I want to share with you the written testimonial she kindly wrote for me, to give you a better idea of how career coaching can help you.

I hope the below will inspire anyone feeling stuck or unhappy to make a positive change to their career and give me a call. I can help!

Fola's Testimonial

I first heard about Simon through my former boss around March/April of 2011 but finally got to meet him for the first time on the 24th of May 2011. I will say that day marked a turning point for me. The first meeting saw me talking away about things I thought about but was to scared to voice out. I think it is now safe to say that my confidence was at rock bottom. I was a slave to my job and could not find a way to move on to a much better role.

Simon not only shaped how I viewed my career, he transformed my whole attitude about myself, my self worth, my value, my confidence and my self esteem. Having been in a demanding role for the last 3 years where I was not valued completely, I had lost confidence in my abilities and also some of the goals I had set myself. The 360 degree feedback was a huge eye opener. Seeing what family, friends and colleagues had to say about me was definitely an interesting way of analysing my thoughts about myself and exactly how others viewed me. It was one of the most positive experience for me because I was viewed much better than I had viewed myself.

I quit my job as a Financial Controller exactly 3 months (In August) after I met with Simon and it was the best decision I ever made. Simon worked with me on developing myself and not just on my career. It was a challenging process and one that made me honestly evaluate myself. I quit my role at a challenging time especially with the job market. However with the whole orientation I achieved with Simon, I was confident that the right role would come at the right time.

I found a temporary role 2 months after I left the last role and things are definitely looking better. I now believe that I can achieve absolutely anything I set my sight on. The beauty about working with Simon was he had a way of getting you to not only ask the important questions but also answering them yourself!

Simon not only works with helping one achieve whatever their career goals are, but he also works in bringing out the best in them! I recommend Simon 200% and would be happy to talk further about my experience with him.