Career Coaching Works

If you had suggested to me towards the end of my corporate career that using a career coach might be a good idea, you would have met very stiff, indignant resistance from me.

My reaction would have been I am perfectly successful as I am – look at my status, company car and expense account. What the hell do I need a coach for?? I am perfectly capable of managing my own career, thank you very much.

I then retrained as a career coach and quickly saw the benefits I was bringing to others and how much I enjoyed it. But it never crossed my dumb mind that I too could benefit from having a coach until 2 years later I met Frank Dick, former Chief Coach to UK Athletics.  There was a huge light bulb moment when I realised if Olympic Champions needed a coach to get the best results, then good God, I needed one too!

Like the rest of you, I get occasional moments of doubt and uncertainty and lack of clarity. I realised that having my own coaches would help me to excel at what I wanted to do, who I wanted to become. I would not be where I am today without the support, advice and guidance from my own coaches over the years.

I am very happy to state I absolutely practice what I preach! This helps me to be a far better career coach and helps you to understand that I am absolutely committed to what I do – and that is helping you. If you live or work in the following regions I would love to hear from you.


London & Surrey