Due to Covid-19, all coaching is no longer face to face but remote via video.
With reduced costs, fees have been heavily reduced! Contact me to find out more...

Personal Executive Career Coach and Career Advice for Managers, Directors and Professionals in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset

Bereft of confidence? Unemployed and feeling hopeless?
– I’ll re-establish your self-belief and help remould your future.

Career in a downward spiral? Confused and options limited? It no longer feels right?
– I’ll pick you up and help you find your true calling.

Undecided on your next step and keen to benefit from sound and objective experience?
– I’ll help you cut through the haze and determine the right move.

Fret not – others have been here too – and you absolutely won’t be the last to join them!

Despite all career situations being individual, there are commonalities.

I’m pleased to tell you I’m familiar with it all and have helped countless others before you needing career advice.

And I’m primed and set to do it again.

I’ve built up a Career Consultant legacy of nearly 25,000 hours of coaching delivered to 1,600 individuals over the last 22 years – from Chief Executives to graduates – all of whom went on to better lives and careers.

And evidenced by 450 thank you testimonials and another 800+ endorsements on LinkedIn…

The Simon Scantlebury Pledge

What You Can Expect From Me

  • My absolute all.
    I’ll focus on you 100% – nothing will be left to chance.
  • I’ll be your Guardian Angel – providing expertise, support and encouragement for you – whenever you need it, 7 days a week.
  • I’ll boost your inner belief, self-assurance and determination to help you get results.
  • I’ll direct you to a rewarding, enjoyable and gratifying career.
  • If looking for your next role, I’ll help you find it. Quickly.

How I Do It

  • I’ll come to wherever suits you – including your own home.
    in Bournemouth, Poole and around Dorset.
  • I will include your spouse or partner – they know you best!
  • You can call me anytime – and ask me anything.
  • I don’t charge by the hour or by the session – or watch the clock.
  • I’ll devote whatever time is necessary to help you succeed.

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My coaching and career advice service is unique and I’m looking forward to showing you why.

I really know what works.
I really know what gets results.
I really know what you need to succeed.

Book your free no obligation meeting now and see for yourself.

"It may be the most important meeting you will ever attend in your life!"
James Dopherty - Client

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