Due to Covid-19, all coaching is no longer face to face but remote via video.
With reduced costs, fees have been heavily reduced! Contact me to find out more...

Personal Executive Career Coach and Career Advice for Managers, Directors and Professionals in Chichester and Sussex

Self-belief destroyed? Feeling aimless and struggling to get interviews?
– I’ll rebuild your confidence and help restore your future.

Career at a standstill with no direction? Bored and it’s just not you?
– I’ll get you kick-started and will bring your true potential to the fore.

Potential new move lined up? Want a confidential and completely objective discussion?
– I’ll help you pinpoint what’s most important and ensure you come to the best outcome.

Worry not – this is a familiar scenario – and is more prevalent than you think!

Whilst every career situation is different, there are similarities.

Reassuringly, none of it is new to me and I’ve provided career advice to many hundreds in the same position.

And I’m eager to get started and do it all again.

It’s an unmatched Career Consultant track record, garnered by delivering nearly 25,000 hours of coaching to 1,600 individuals over the last 22 years – from graduates to Chief Executives – all of whom went on to better lives and careers.

And evidenced by 450 thank you testimonials and another 800+ endorsements on LinkedIn…

My Simon Scantlebury Pledge To You

What You Will Get From Me

  • Unyielding commitment.
    You’ll get 100% from me – all that I’ve got!
  • I’ll be your Guardian Angel – providing expertise, support and encouragement for you – whenever you need it, 7 days a week.
  • I’ll reinforce your self-esteem, inner confidence and resilience to attain your goals.
  • I’ll lead you to a fruitful, fun and satisfying career.
  • If unemployed, I’ll have you back in the right role with minimum delay!

How I Do It

  • I’ll meet wherever’s best for you – including your own home in Chichester and around West Sussex.
  • I will include your ‘significant other’ – their insight is invaluable.
  • You can call me anytime you like – and ask me anything.
  • I don’t clock-watch – and don’t charge by the hour or session.
  • I’ll assign however much time you need to get to where you want to be.

Book a free, 2 hour Career Consultancy meeting

My coaching and career advice is reassuringly individual and extremely effective.

It definitely works.
It definitely gets results.
It definitely enables you to succeed.

Book a 2 hour, free, exploratory meeting now and see for yourself.

You’ll be delighted that you did.