Personal Executive Career Coach and Career Advice for Managers, Directors and Professionals in Sussex including Brighton, Chichester, Crawley, Gatwick & Eatsbourne

Confidence destroyed? Redundant? Feeling helpless?
– I’ll rebuild your self-belief and help restore your career.

Career spluttering and going nowhere? Work’s a poor fit?
– I’ll put you on the right road and bring out your true potential.

Next step uncertain? Need complete objectivity coupled with a wealth of experience?

– I’ll lead you through your dilemma and guide you to the right decisions.

Don’t worry. I listen, care and will do all in my power to help.

Although no two persons’ career situation is the same, parallels do exist.

Be reassured I’ve seen it all before and have helped many hundreds like you wanting career advice.

And I’m raring to go, ready to do it all again.

This is based on nearly 25,000 hours of Career Consultant coaching to 2,000 individuals over the last 29 years – from graduates to Chief Executives – all of whom went on to better careers.

And evidenced by 500+ thank you testimonials and another 1,000+ endorsements on LinkedIn…

My Scantlebury Career Pledge

What I Will Give You

  • Total commitment.
    My approach is completely centred on you – I’ll give it everything!
  • I’ll be your Guardian Angel – providing expertise, support and encouragement for you – whenever you need it, 7 days a week.
  • I’ll strengthen your self-belief, confidence and inner strength to get you to where you want to be.
  • I’ll guide you to a fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable career.
  • If out of work, I’ll get you back into employment quickly. And into the right job.

How I Do It

  • I’ll meet you by video any time convenient to you including evenings and weekends!
  • I will involve your nearest and dearest – they know you inside out!
  • You can call me whenever you need – and ask me anything.
  • I don’t monitor the time – nor do I charge by the hour or by the session.
  • I’ll give whatever time is necessary to help you get the results you need.

Book your free Career Consultancy meeting

My career advice and coaching service is one of a kind and I want to show you why.

You’ll discover what works.
You will get results.
You’ll be sure you’ve made the right choice.

Book your free no obligation meeting now and see for yourself.

It may be the most important meeting you will ever attend in your life!
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