Due to Covid-19, all coaching is no longer face to face but remote via video.
With reduced costs, fees have been heavily reduced! Contact me to find out more...

Personal Executive Career Coach and Career Advice for Managers, Directors and Professionals in Salisbury and Wiltshire

Bereft of self-belief? Sleepless nights and lost your job?
– I’ll restore your confidence and help rebuild your career.

Career not right and unsure where to go next? Square peg in a round hole?
– I’ll remodel you and help you discover your true calling.

Considering next step? Would like to talk it through objectively and in complete confidence?
– I’ll help you weigh up your options and guide you to the right decision.

Rest assured – you’re really not the only one – and many will follow!

In spite of all career situations being distinct, trends do exist.

Take confidence from me having experienced it all before and helping numerous others before you with career advice.

And I’m relishing the opportunity to do it all again.

It’s based on a Career Consultancy track record in which nearly 25,000 hours of coaching has been delivered to 1,600 individuals over the last 22 years – from Chief Executives to graduates – all of whom went on to better careers and lives.

And evidenced by 450 thank you testimonials and another 800+ endorsements on LinkedIn…

The Scantlebury Career Pledge

What You Can Expect From Me

  • Steadfast commitment.
    My approach is completely centred on you – in every way.
  • I’ll be your Guardian Angel – providing expertise, support and encouragement for you – whenever you need it, 7 days a week.
  • I’ll re-energise your confidence, mojo and inner you to get you back on track!
  • I’ll help you find your way to the career that’s right for you.
  • If unemployed, I’ll re-establish you in your chosen line of work. Quickly.

How I Do It

  • I’ll meet at a venue that’s right for you – including your own home in Salisbury and Wiltshire.
  • I will include your partner or spouse – their insight will really help!
  • You can call me anytime of the day or evening – to ask me anything.
  • I don’t charge by the hour or session – so won’t be watching the time.
  • I will give you however long we need to help you succeed.

Book your free Career Consultancy meeting

My career advice and coaching is extremely specific and I’m eager to help you get started.

It’s focused to get to the heart of things.
It’s focused to produce results.
It’s focused to make you succeed.

Book your free no obligation meeting now and see for yourself.

You’ll be very happy that you did.

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