Real People, Real Feedback… Satisfaction and Success Stories… Fabulous Tales… Powerful Stories…

Seeing clients achieve huge change brings deep satisfaction, and I would like to thank them all for:

  • the privilege they’ve bestowed in asking me to help them.
  • the trust in paying my fees in advance, sealed with just a handshake and no contract.
  • the conviction they consistently display in saying “I believe in you unconditionally”.

Each and every journey with them makes the outcome all the richer.

I’m extremely privileged and proud to see the positive changes that my clients go on to achieve. Even more so, I’m humbled and grateful to them for writing about how they’ve benefited from our time together.

Here are just some of the happy and bona fide success stories…

Life is for Living

“Simon, I hold you in the highest regard and have the utmost respect for you. You have inspired me to grab life by the horns and shake it.”

Matt Anderson – Sales Manager

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Michael Schaefer’s Career Counselling Success Story

“Simon delivered and, boy, did he deliver big! Simon made it happen – or as he says, I did – but we in our family know the truth: Simon is genius.”

Michael Schaefer – Technology Consultant

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Mark Roach’s Career Counselling Success Story

“Following a successful career as a sports journalist, I stumbled into sales where a pattern emerged. I would start a new job, do well, then get bored – changing jobs frequently. I lost all motivation and decided to do something about it…”

Mark Roach – Sports Editor

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Michael Hinton’s Career Guidance Success Story

“I have never been more optimistic about my career. I have fully understood my value… and have great belief in myself and an ability to market myself. Simon has had a profound impact on my life. One phone call to him led to me changing my life with huge consequences”

Michael Hinton – Customer Success Manager

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Alisa Lakeman’s Career Guidance Success Story

“I can honestly say I’ve never felt this good about any job I’ve previously had. I am on top of the world; working isn’t supposed to feel this good. Thank you again, you miracle worker.”

Alisa Lakeman – Pensions Consultant

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Fola Togunloju’s Career Change Success Story

“My confidence was at rock bottom. I was a slave to my job and could not find a way to move on to a much better role. I had lost confidence in my abilities and the goals I had set myself.”

Fola Togunloju – Interim Finance Director

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Simon Reeve’s Career Change Success

“I was ‘losing it’. My self-confidence was eroding, and doubts were pulling over me like dark clouds. It seemed the harder I tried to get a job the more arrows I was taking. It was beginning to seriously dent my sense of well-being.”

Simon Reeve – International Managing Director

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Heather Hillier’s Comeback from Redundancy

“Waking up on the morning of 5th March 2020 my husband and I found our entire household income had ceased overnight. Our employer, the british regional airline flybe, had entered administration. Along with roughly 2500 of our colleagues across the UK we found ourselves redundant. That word – Redundant – is harsh and impactful…”

Heather Hillier – Leadership & Development Manager

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Simon Scantlebury is a unique and brilliant coach

“Simon Scantlebury is a unique and brilliant coach and has had a significant impact on my life. Before taking Simon on, in all honesty, I thought it all sounded too good to be true. The reference that he has seems over the top, impossible even but I thought I would at least meet him and see what he was about…”

Glenn Regan – Retail Consultant

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I change careers and lives for the better.  So far, that’s with more than 1,700 clients and in excess of 25,000 hours of coaching.

Clients often arrive riddled with self-doubt: stressed, unhappy and aimless.

They leave brimming with self-worth: confident, refreshed and optimistic.

Here are yet more success stories, testimonials and personal quotations from the last 24 years…

Simon’s tremendous support during my career search

“I feel valued, motivated and passionate. Your service is beyond a business – it is a very personal service based on your humanity. For your enrichment of my career and life, I thank you and I trust many more will have the privilege of working with you.”

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How Simon Scantlebury has enriched my life

“Before I became a client, I met a number of Simon’s clients at a Saturday open day. They all spoke with huge enthusiasm about him, gave a positive recommendation and indeed a passionate endorsement. Having worked with him, I can verify their observations – he has enriched not just my career but my life as well.”

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Silvia Ortiz

“You helped me make this huge change in my career and life and I will always be grateful because I’ve never been happier or felt as fulfilled as I do now.”

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Career Coaching: Was it worth it?!

“Simon doesn’t watch the clock and focuses on you for as long as you need him. He actually cares about you and encourages you to explore what you really want to get out of your career and life. He instils in you a belief and confidence that perhaps you never knew you had.”

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Transcending ‘Career Advice’

“Simon gifted me with a new perspective; a new way of seeing. He was able to hold up a mirror to me. I saw in that mirror all my self-doubt, and all the hundreds of reasons I had constructed to keep me from my vision. This is Simon’s greatest gift; he watches and listens closely and then leads you – with deep compassion – to the root of the matter.”

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From Africa to Basingstoke

“Simon is not a standard career adviser – he is so much more. I describe him as a lifestyle coach clarifying what kind of life I really wanted that the career would have to fit into.”

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My fairy tale has come true

“So what did Simon do for me? He got inside my head and made me recognise my true worth. He made me see myself differently and was always there whenever I needed him at any time. It was immensely reassuring to have that support and not be on my own.”

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Reference For Simon Scantlebury

“Simon was interested in helping me and was confident in my ability to make the right choices for my future. He has been a great support, even when he was being tough on me, he was also encouraging and he kept me focussed and on track.”

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Everything is an opportunity

“I told myself that I was fine, that I was taking a well deserved break and that a job would soon fall into my lap at some point. It didn’t – which made my self-esteem hit rock bottom too. Wallowing in self-pity and blitzing through my redundancy pay, I needed a ladder to help me out of the rut that I had dug myself. That ladder came in the form of Simon.”

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An amazing coach and now close personal friend

“It’s a decision I will look back on with a true sense of achievement for the rest of my life. Simon’s changed how I feel about myself and my career. Making you feel warm and fuzzy and in your comfort zone he ain’t. The best in the business – oh yes, he is.”

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Simon awoke the Sleeping Giant within me

“Simon somehow flicked a switch in my head – how he did it, I don’t know, but I feel very different. I always knew deep down that I had a good brain, but a lack of confidence, due to feeling undervalued in the workplace, had made me aim far too low.”

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Simon Scantlebury – A Recommendation

“I can honestly say that my life has changed since I met Simon, my confidence has increased, I am doing an exciting job and I feel fully in control of my future. None of this could have been achieved without Simon’s support, advice and encouragement. I might well look Simon up in a few years if I think it’s time for another move.”

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Career Change Age 57

“I felt I had done all I was going to do – no one was going to give me a job and I wouldn’t be able to earn any money. Not because I am useless but because I felt old and tired and had lost my mojo. You can’t start a new career at 57. But, dear reader, you can and I have!”

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Career Mentor in Hampshire

“Simon enabled us to revolutionise our lives.  Life is the best it has ever been.  I have been intensely moved by the whole experience.  He inspires confidence and trust.  He empowers people. Simon has a gift that is priceless.”

Freya Jones

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A Personal Story of Transformation and Re-invention

“I am highly introverted, non-confrontational, shy, privately educated and come from an ultra-conservative Presbyterian Scottish background. Simon held up the mirror, made me look deep inside, shattered all my false illusions, and brought me into the light. I have revolutionised myself beyond belief. I owe Simon a high debt of thanks.”

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