A Personal Story of Transformation and Re-invention

I am highly introverted, non-confrontational, shy, privately educated and come from an ultra-conservative Presbyterian Scottish background.

I graduated in Estate Management broadly following my father’s career. Having started work in this field, I found out very quickly there was lots of confrontation, arguing with aggressive small business owners about their rents. I was also tied to a desk and phone. I hated it.

Law seemed a much more attractive proposition – high in status with more professional behaviour. I did a conversion course and a series of exams but failed a key one. I sustained myself via a series of low grade clerical jobs. My career and life became a mess. I became unemployed for a year. I had failed at two careers and had hit a brick wall.

So I reached out to Simon. He carried out a thorough and very personal clinical audit of me from which I identified a range of career options. What became clear was I liked working outside with my hands and sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day couldn’t have been a worse choice!

Simon’s clear advice was to exchange a white collar for a blue one. I decided I wanted to be an electrician – Simon got me to write a powerful statement about WHY this was my goal. We revamped my CV and held a mock interview with Liz all of which boosted my confidence.

I attended a number of assessment centres for apprentices. My competitors were half my age from a very different social background and I stood out like a sore thumb. Hence I was rejected several times but now I had my goal clear in my mind, I persisted and refused to give up. I worked ad hoc for an experienced electrician as a man Friday and learned a lot. I studied part time at college and on line.

I am thrilled to say I start next month as a trainee electrical engineer for SSE. I am champing at the bit to get started.

Simon referred me to another client, Julia Stock, whose advice about apprenticeships was invaluable.

Prior to meeting Simon, I was paranoid about being unemployed – I just took any job. I thought I would be a clerk for ever. Simon made me ask the question what is right for me and taught me how to market myself.

He also introduced me to Tony Robbins who taught me about getting control, getting focused and going for it!

So how have I changed?

  1. GUILT – I have destroyed the guilt I have been carrying around for the last 40 years.
  2. I have convinced my family that BLUE COLLAR is right for me and just as honourable as white. I have overcome resistance to change, I have totally re-invented myself and am going to be who I am at work – not some pale imitation.
  3. I have now got a great career in front of me which will allow me to become fully INDEPENDENT in every sense.

It is amazing you can go though years and years in the dark. I have seen the light about what suits me.

Simon held up the mirror, made me look deep inside, shattered all my false illusions, and brought me into the light. I have revolutionised myself beyond belief. I owe Simon a high debt of thanks.

David Stone