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Adam Jones

Reference for Simon Scantlebury

I was sitting right where you are now six months ago considering whether to spend what seemed considerable amount of money on attempting to move my career forward.

I did a considerable amount of research around career and life coach options and believe me there are a lot of snake oil salesman in this space who will charge massive fees. The challenge is how you find someone who can genuinely help and is honestly interested in you and your concerns.

I did the web search and set up meeting with three of the best looking companies to get a feel for the personal chemistry and ask for contact details for 10 people who were coached by each individual.

This is when I met Simon first impressions affable guy very positive good listener and interested in me but a bit old school. Meeting went off well asked for list of 10 of his past client, he gave me a bundle of at least 30 glowing letters. I phoned 10 at random I was staggered that they were almost evangelical in their praise for Simon, in my experience it is difficult to find 1 or 2 people to bullshit for you so I took the plunge.

I found Simon honest sometimes the point of bluntness, considerate, understanding, experienced and great sense of humour. I always felt better for our meetings and look forward to the next.

Simon gave the space and support for both me and my family to understand and explore the options which were best for me. If you are considering using a life or career coach I cannot recommend Simon highly enough. He allowed me to see the real me and helped me sort the right options for my career path. I have now started a new venture for which I would have not had the confidence or bottle to do had I not spoken to Simon. He guided and coaxed me to come to my own conclusions that this path was my best option.

I was a corporate Sales and Marketing Director for 20 year battling on all fronts I now feel liberated, fulfilled and get up with a renew sense of urgency and genuine purpose.

At the outset it seems a lot of money but I would urge you to make an investment in your career and engage Simon. I would recommend Simon in an instant to anybody looking for a life or career coach if you are in doubt about whether to use Simon please give me a call I would be delighted to share my experiences.

Adam Jones

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