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My Story - Adrian Dodd

I first met Simon a year ago together with my partner Caroline. At that time, I had been away from my job of 12 years for several weeks due to depression but was beginning to come out of it. However, I felt trapped, helpless and powerless. I had lost all confidence in my ability to do my job. I couldn’t figure out what my bosses wanted which was not helped by contradictory messages from above.

I knew I needed to do something but I didn’t know what. Caroline suggested I needed to find someone like Simon who was a professional outsider to help me. Someone I trusted and respected.

I am a highly skilled specialist engineer but I didn’t know whether this was the right career choice for me. What other options did I have?

Having had a few sessions with Simon, I became clear that I am in fact pretty good at my job and have achieved a lot. I have now secured a great new job in my first leadership role in an expanding group and reporting direct to a Senior VP. In addition, I am based in Torquay! What a bonus!

I am excited and can’t wait to get on with it.

The greatest benefit I have gained is confidence in myself. Simon’s approach of using 360o feedback from friends, family and colleagues and making me list out my achievements made me realise for the first time in my life I am much more capable than I thought I was.

I have developed two mantras that have helped me deal with my perfectionist tendencies; ‘shit happens’ and ‘it’s only a job’. They helped me cope with my last job.

My CV is so much better because it is now results based and friends are now using it as their template. Before Simon’s interview training, I had Skype interviews with a Canadian company from which I learned, but after the mock interview with Liz, the interview coach, and Simon, I knew I could sell myself to people I had never met - not bad for an engineer who was previously poor at self-promotion. Before the first interview for my new job, at Simon’s suggestion, I rang the Senior VP and developed a positive conversation around the role. He told me afterwards my competitors didn’t bother and my initiative really paid off.

Caroline says I am a completely different person from 12 months ago. I am relaxed and at ease with myself and have placed much less demanding expectations on myself. I am no longer guilty of perfectionism.

Adrian Dodd

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