An amazing coach and now close personal friend

Albert Einstein said the ultimate definition of Insanity is taking the same actions over and over again and naively expecting a different outcome… and that summed up my approach to my very successful career and most peoples… follow the same successful trusted approaches, get the job I thought I really wanted and then still be unhappy and discontented working for yet another awful boss and like most repetitive cycles it culminates in a major feeling of unhappiness across work and bleeding into home life….. that was me

But thankfully NO MORE… because of one very amazing coach and now close personal friend Simon Scantlebury.


-If you are looking for the usual feel good factor, tell you what you want to hear, while taking your money but achieving very little life and executive coach don’t choose Simon.

-If you are looking to blindly continue in your own comfort zone of dissatisfaction and blame everyone else for it- don’t choose simon.

-If you want someone to simply tell you your CV needs improving to get the job you want… and that job will yet again for be the right one for you…..don’t choose Simon.


If you want total honesty, a real kick up the back side when you need it most and a truly supportive and insightful approach that will genuinely rock you to your foundations in the most profound and positive ways and question yourself in a truly earth shattering way- choose Simon.

I did and it is a decision I will look back on with a true sense of achievement for the rest of my life- he’s changed how I feel about myself and my career.

Making you feel warm and fuzzy and in your comfort zone he ain’t – the best in the business – oh yes he is.

Shaun Glanville