Everything is an opportunity

From being a confident, outgoing girl with enthusiasm bursting out of me, a couple of years of confidence knocks, not reaching the “life goals” I had set myself (which were completely archaic) and indecision, left me a shadow of my former, bright self. After being made redundant, it was the last straw. I scuttled home and hid from everyone. I told myself that I was fine, that I was taking a well deserved break and that a job would soon fall into my lap at some point. It didn’t – which made my self-esteem hit rock bottom too. Wallowing in self-pity and blitzing through my redundancy pay, I needed a ladder to help me out of the rut that I had dug myself. That ladder came in the form of Simon.

Hesitant and reluctant at first to open up, I soon carted all my baggage into the room with me when we first met. With his charming demeanour, fantastic listening skills and non-judgement, I like others before me, wept with gratitude that I wasn’t the only one to have ever felt like this, I was totally normal and was, most definitely, not “broken” as so often I felt. A game plan was drafted and Simon set me to work straight away. From that first meeting and every one after that I felt a little bit of me was re-emerging.

Most importantly, Simon gave me three things:

Firstly, to believe in the courage of my convictions – If London wasn’t making me happy, then it is alright to leave, not to follow the trend my friends had set and to start somewhere new. Maybe I wouldn’t know anybody but with my confidence returning it is now more of an exciting escapade rather than a terrifying, unachievable nightmare.

Secondly, happiness and success doesn’t necessarily come in a paycheck. I have taken a paycut but my happiness has soared in the job I am in now. With Simon’s guidance I was able to really focus on what I am good at, what I personally want out of a job and not to downplay my strengths in any way. I am good at what I do and I should, and am, be proud of it.

Thirdly, he is someone I know I will always have in my corner, someone to talk to whether it be rugby, my career or my general wellbeing. He is genuinely interested and invested in you as a whole and not just through this process but a long time afterwards as well. He hasn’t only given my family, friends and most importantly myself, me back but I have become a better, grounded and more equipped me to deal with whatever comes my way and to look at everything as an opportunity.

Emma Parker
29 March 2016