From Africa to Basingstoke

When I left my boarding school in Zimbabwe age 18, my parents told me bad times were coming and I had no future in the country of my birth. So they put me on a plane for London. My welcome to the UK was less than warm in that my passport was seized and retained by Immigration for 8 years – as such I was stateless until they finally relented and returned it to me.

Now I was officially ‘in’ I then got myself a permanent job on night shift in a warehouse where I toiled away for 5 years, applied for UK citizenship and expect to gain this in the near future.

My job was dead end. I did not wish to finish up in 20 years’ time stacking shelves in Tesco and I knew I was capable of a great deal more but what? I had no idea and needed help. I was clueless.

I met Simon who seemed was exactly the right person to help me, particularly because he had lived in Africa for 12 years and appreciated the African mind.

However, I couldn’t meet his £3K fee, so I saved up for 3 months and then engaged him as my coach.

Simon is not a standard career adviser – he is so much more. I describe him as a lifestyle coach clarifying what kind of life I really wanted that the career would have to fit into.

I told Simon and I told myself I would give this absolutely everything I’ve got because I just had to make it work – I just couldn’t go on as I was.

However, what I expected and what I got were totally different. After analysis and several discussions, Simon suggested the best path for me was to be my own boss. He opened my eyes to clearly understand that as a wage earner, the shareholders and taxman extracted their money from my salary first and that whatever was left over was mine – I was bottom of the pile. I further understood that the secret to the financial independence that I crave is to be my own boss but it is not a question of how much I will earn but a question of how much I keep! Simon’s advice surprised and shocked me – I hadn’t seen it as a possibility but after a few weeks I realised he was right.

The next question was what to do. During conversations around this, I mentioned to Simon as a teenager my elder brother sent me out to get the papers on Sunday. I always made a beeline for the City News and specifically the stock market reports. Finance is in my blood.

Simon encouraged me to consider becoming a freelance trader and to cut a long story short, after a couple of short courses, I am now investing nearly £10,000 to be trained accordingly. I aim to be trading in a small way after 6 months.

I know I am on the right path to my destiny. None of this would have been possible without Simon showing me the way and giving me the confidence to find the right answer for me.

I cannot recommend Simon more highly.

Dennis Madyirapanze