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Georgina Lucas - I Love My New Life

I had been in Advertising Sales for 12 years when I contacted Simon. I was depressed, desperately wanted to leave my job, felt sick and worried about going to work. I was in such a state I was on the point of resignation without a job to go to.

Despite my desperation, I couldn't see how to change my situation and what steps to take. I was in a fix, a prisoner in a box deep in the ground.

Today, I am on top of the world! I couldn't feel happier! I am relaxed and totally confident. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I know I can do anything I set my mind to.

My new job is in the exciting world of 3D, a sector I really wanted to get into and I have! I will work from home, as Head of Sales and Marketing I will develop all strategies and personally deliver against those strategies. A blank piece of paper and almost total autonomy.

In addition, we have moved from Bristol to a beautiful village in the Cotswolds and I adore our new home. I am adding a chocolate Labrador to the household in 3 weeks' time.

I can see in my new job how I will be valued and make a real difference and have the opportunity to earn a lot more money which I will achieve.

Simon gave me the tools to find confidence in myself, to believe in myself and to see myself in a very different way.

I now focus on what I can do, what I want to do and what I am offering my new employer.

I now can choose to do this or to do that and not do what I don't wish to. I have power and control.

I now have everything I wanted. I didn't think I could have both a new job and a new life style but I have got both!

It has been absolutely brilliant! I am so glad I committed to Simon. I am totally free.

Georgina Lucas

PS The position I have got was newly created, never advertised and I was the only candidate.

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