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Gerry Lyons

Letter of recommendation for Simon Scantlebury

Having built my career though a 32 year tenure at one company, the thought of starting afresh was a daunting one when my position was made redundant. I contacted a number of career advisers, some were helpful, some not so, each meeting left me with more questions than answers. I then called Simon Scantlebury. During our conversation there was one topic that Simon discussed, ME, I didn't feel I was being sold a product or service, it was just about what I wanted, this was the point I realised that Simon was the first person I had spoken to who wanted to help me.

In truth, I didn't really know what I wanted to do, if I wanted to continue my career in Customer Service or, if the time had come to try something different. What opportunities could I consider and were my skills transferable? I still needed a lot of answers. In hindsight, Simons approach seems simple. Somewhere within me, I had most of the answers to the questions I was asking myself. Through a number of wonderfully professional, personal and warm one-to-one meetings, Simon taught me how to answer my questions and overcome my doubts.

Simon has an incredible knowledge of different markets and business strategies and is an excellent communicator. He helped me craft my CV, articulate application letters and provided me with really helpful interview training. Through his support, I am now in what I would describe as my ideal job.

I used Simon's services because I thought a career coach would help me develop my career plan, which he did. I didn't realise that in addition to the professional service, I would also get so much personal help, support and make a lifelong friend in Simon.

It is my greatest pleasure and with sincere conviction that I recommend you contact Simon Scantlebury if you want to take your career to the next level, or if you are looking to get it back on track.

Yours faithfully

Gerry Lyons

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