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Jayne Brockbank - My story

Imagine this - I am the breadwinner, I have a young family, I have been with the company for 11 years working my way up through the ranks, the company decides upon a restructure and rather than take the job on offer I opt for the redundancy package and to take the plunge! Looking back it was a risk and was probably why I felt I needed some professional support and hence I negotiated a careers coach in my package.

Simon instilled me with confidence from first consultation and made it feel like anything was possible. He set me tasks, questioned and encouraged me to get feedback from others. I needed to consider what I was good at but perhaps more importantly what I wanted from a role, how it fit within my lifestyle and what a company needed to offer me (which we don’t always consider). I had my peaks and troughs during the process, however each time Simon made me see my worth and helped me to strive even harder, always making himself available as I know he will continue to be part of my future. Simon introduced me to the world of networking; teaching me how to approach people, to have clear objectives to the meeting, and how to help them in the process. It was both inspiring and confidence building meeting with Chairman and CEO’s of successful businesses which was priceless when it came to sitting interviews.

So when I ended up actually turning down 3 job offers then I knew how far I had come with such encouraging guidance. I have now found the perfect role which plays to my skill set, fits in with my life, gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my ability, inspires me and remarkably is 2 steps up my career ladder. I know now that I am good enough and that I achieved this, but without the support of Simon then I may have settled for a lesser role and never had the confidence to make my dreams a reality!

Jayne Brockbank

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