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How we both transformed our careers and our lives

A year ago our morale was extremely low, we were very stressed, unhappy and snappy with each other. Our minds were dominated by negative thoughts and we only expected the worst.

Today, we are a happy, content family with excellent work/life balance with no problems, just challenges to take on and overcome. We now look at the world in a very different way now due to Simon.

A year ago, Anamika spent 6 hours a day, 4 days a week, on a train to work at her client’s premises. Kuldeep moaned continuously about his job and would do anything to avoid going to work such as pulling sickies. There was strain and friction between us. With both parents unhappy at work, it was adversely affecting our 2 year old son and taking care of him was a logistical nightmare. Our life was rush, rush, rush, we were not good parents.

Kuldeep has a first class honours degree in Electronics but got into retail banking as a means to securing right of UK residency (we are both immigrants). However, this made him miserable and it became clear he had to get out – but how? We have no family to turn to in the UK and feel isolated in that sense. Kuldeep needed a career coach. We tried locally in Coventry where we live but failed to find anyone.. I spoke to a national career coaching company on the phone but was not impressed. We wanted to deal directly with the person who would be the coach and so we found Simon/ We played telephone tag with Simon who left a message after 3 calls saying ‘if you are serious, call me, I won’t call you any more!’ which I did. I then told Anamika what I had done and at Simon’s suggestion, both of us met him in Oxford.

Kuldeep was very much for going ahead but Anamika wasn’t. She reasoned he had already spent money on 2 previous failed attempts to change his career, why would it work this time. There was also the problem of logistics. Both were in demanding jobs, she spent 6 hours on a train 4 days a week and Simon lives 130 miles from Coventry. Simon then said he would come to Coventry for a couple of meetings. Lastly, they had recently spent £6,000 to gain right of residence and to work in UK.

However, given Simon’s commitment to come to our home on Sundays at 7.30am (the best time for us) Anamika finally agreed to go ahead.

We both knew we needed a guide to show us the way forward. In addition, we were negative about everything. Simon taught us how to be positive about the success of our lives and careers in the UK and that our family as a unit is successful. We learned to develop positive mantras that worked!

Unless Simon had volunteered to drive 130 miles and come to us 8-10 times at 7.30am on Sundays at our home, none of this would have been possible. I would be surprised if we could have found another coach who would have done this for us. We have no family in the UK, so Simon’s support was even more meaningful.

So what transformation was achieved?


Sent to the UK on expatriate terms by her Indian IT consultancy. At the end of last year, her contract ran out and her only option to keep her job was to return to India. Being settled in the UK, this was not an option, so she had to resign.

Based on Simon’s advice and expertise, she totally remodelled her CV which resulted in lots of calls and universal compliments. She also undertook some interview practice and coaching with Liz, the Interview Coach and Simon. In 3 months, she generated 2 job offers. She took one with Jaguar Land Rover based 9 miles from home. She already has a personal development plan and is expecting promotion in 6/12 months. She has a 1to1 with her boss 2/3 times a month. On promotion she gets a Jaguar or a Range Rover!

She says the prospect of job hunting on her own as a foreign female would have been very difficult – Simon made it easy. And to have received job offers in IT in preference to anglo saxon males has boosted her confidence further!


Says he is much happier at work. He is now in a permanent role 2 miles down the road instead of a series of temporary secondments. Much more important, he didn’t know at the start what he wanted and where he fitted. He does now which is to be his own boss working in web technology. He is clear on his goals and the journey has begun but there is much left to do. He is grateful for the introductions Simon made to others who have helped him.

Overall Results

Kuldeep was the client at the start but when Anamika became unemployed Simon took her under his wing and didn’t charge us for the coaching he gave her. In fact she got more from Simon than Kuldeep!

What he is ultimately about is not just changing jobs or careers but replacing deep unhappiness with happiness, contentment, and minimising stress and worry.

We now have a settled routine and are better parents. We all leave at 8 am something but are all back by 6pm. Genuine work/life balance. Peace and harmony.

Simon is really really genuine. He is totally driven to help people. He cares deeply. Value for money 100%. Quality of help 100%. Given he lives 130 miles away and met us only at 7.30am on Sunday mornings, there is no one else like him.

Kuldeep and Anamika Bhargava