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Professional Career Coach

I decided to investigate some career coaching after a few years of applying for various jobs I thought I could do, was qualified to do and was interested in. I thought I was pretty skilled in writing a letter and updating my CV and, not having had much difficulty in the past with getting jobs I wanted, also assumed I was fairly ok at interviews. But, despite my best efforts, I was overlooked for several interviews - even ones I thought I would walk through - and began to get demoralized. The other problem I had after 20+ years working and as a parent, was that I had a career in ‘two halves’ - a consumer products marketing career followed by a completely different sort of role linked to local government, albeit using a similar skill set. I’d been out of straight marketing too long to go back - so I felt stuck and trapped, not knowing where to direct myself.

I explained to Simon, who rang me within a few hours of my initial online enquiry, that I needed to earn more money ( to help pay for my sons university tuition in a couple of years time) but that I didn’t know where to pitch myself.

I read all the testimonials like this and they all sounded pretty genuine - and I am sure they are. I was a bit apprehensive and questioned my own sanity even thinking about investing 2.5 times my monthly salary now for the coaching. It took great courage I can tell you, to hand over my credit card for that payment.

However, Simon guided me through and within just a few weeks, I had a better idea of my target. Simply doing the first exercise, a 360 degree feedback from current and past colleagues, resulted in the prospect of a new and much better paid role!

I gained confidence from all the direction and support. A lot of it is common sense, to be fair. But, like dieting - its not that easy to do on your own!

I started in September - and by December I was interviewed for a role I’d have never looked for, let alone applied for. The salary is twice what I am currently being paid and I start on March 1st. In six months, I have gained far more than I could have wished for and the fee I invested in myself will be paid off easily before the interest free period expires. The skills I have honed with Simon’s help will stay with me for life and will, I am sure, mean that I will be able to retire in 10 - 15 years time, secure and content that I’ve had a great career, my kids have had their step up on the ladder and I have done my bit, with something left to show for it.

Simon doesn’t do it all for you. You have to put in the effort and time between meetings. But with his direction, you can find a better job, a better career. One that really suits you and where you will thrive.

Lisa Gagliani

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