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Mark Watson's Career Guidance Case Study

Following many years of demanding global leadership roles and running my own business, I felt exhausted even though I am only in my mid 30s, and I therefore decided to take a career break to relax and recover.

I then wanted to get back to work, I tried various strategies on my own, which to my surprise didn’t really work. I realised I needed professional help and talked to 3 career management companies, including one that wanted £15K for its service. None of them remotely impressed me and their value and benefit was unclear.

Having met Simon, I could see what I would be getting, and it was more around mindset coaching and mental conditioning, supporting me to “Get My Edge Back”, and perform in a much more effective way. He helped me regain my mental strength and agility. But Simon wouldn’t do it for me, he would prepare me to do it for myself - classic coaching in other words.

We tried lots of things some of which nearly worked but didn’t either because the opportunity wasn’t right for me or the timing was wrong. The CFO at my new employer found me through LinkedIn and after a series of meetings with her and the CEO/principle shareholder, I have been hired as COO/CEO designate with 25% equity in due course to carry out a total rebuild of a company that was market leader but is now a real mess and lost its way.

When I reflect on the goals that Simon and I set at the beginning of the relationship, I recognise this is a perfect fit. I am a part entrepreneur/part corporate player and this new role is absolutely what is required. Most major corporates just don’t ‘get me’.

I am really happy to be back at work and will continue to use Simon as my mentor through the huge and difficult challenges that face me - the equivalent of RBS albeit on a smaller scale.

Mark Watson

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