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Career Change Age 57

The Matthew Winter Story

A year ago I felt 80 (I am 57).  Today I feel 30.  I work 80 hours a week and don’t feel tired.

Back then, I felt I had done all I was going to do – no one was going to give me a job and I wouldn’t be able to earn any money.  Not because I am useless but because I felt old and tired and had lost my mojo.  You can’t start a new career at 57.  But, dear reader, you can and I have!

I employed Simon to help me.  Everything he told me about my capability and transferable skills I hoped was true but I couldn’t make the pieces fit.  I thought that my choice was either doing something I would enjoy and earn very little or earn better money by doing something I wouldn’t enjoy.  All the options were an extension of what I had done previously and none of them excited me.  The safe option for a while seemed to be more of the same because that’s where my experience and contacts lay.

Out of the blue, something popped up that I had a go at that was nothing like I had ever done before.  I wish I had found it years ago because what I do now is a perfect combination of using my skills and attributes to best effect and by far the most satisfying role I have ever had.

The only way I found myself in this amazing situation was by taking risks and getting out from under the safety blanket.  I realised that had I continued with the same old I’d have got the same old result.

Simon gave me the confidence that I needed to throw myself into something new believing that if what he was saying was true, I would be able to take on a new challenge with no experience.

I am now a Film Location Manager working on a $20 million movie with some of the top names in the film industry.

It is a role that needs great reserves of energy and resourcefulness combined with excellent people skills, a creative eye, and an ability to think laterally.

I use all the skills in previous careers as a Salesman, Sponsor Manager at McLaren and freelance Sports Agent for a Formula One racing driver.  But none of these combined my skills so perfectly as they do in my new career.

Despite my age, I found a career I hope to do for the next 30 years.

Thank you Simon!

Matthew Winter