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My Story - Emotional Rags to Riches

I was very unhappy at work and I needed to change things. I needed to stop, reflect and figure out what I wanted to do. I was under the the most demotivating leader in the world and my confidence was at an all-time low.

Over a glass of wine late on a Friday night I completed an on-line career enquiry form and was blown away by the fact that Simon contacted early the next day, Saturday. We arranged a first meeting which I attended as I thought there was no harm in meeting him. Simon listened intently, asked me lots of questions and really challenged me. A switch clicked in my head. This was serious, this was not mucking around anymore.

I thought about asking my employer to fund the £3K fee but decided that if it was my money I would be super committed (I'm tight). I rationalised it by comparing it to investing £3K on an ISA and get a paltry return or £3K to make a career move that would bring me alive again and improve my financial return over the rest of my lifetime. This represented a huge return on my investment.

So what did I get and what have I gained? Simon kept me incredibly focused, ensured I took the right steps and made sure I moved forward.

In the early days, I received hugely powerful feedback. Developing on affirmation why I am good changed everything for me. As a result I am now kind, supportive and positive towards myself.

When we started my journey, I was the R&D Head for Nutrition Products. Through assessment and discussion, Simon and I clarified I am extremely well suited to a Commercial leadership role. So I started marketing myself internally at work (I am employed by a major global corporate) and received almost universal encouragement – even from HR where I passed their suitability tests!

The outcome after several months of opening doors and networking was I received 2 offers at the same time – one high risk/high reward, the other low risk. Now that I realise I am a highly capable, smart individual and a winner to boot, I of course accepted the high risk option.

I have won in 5 ways

  • A Commercial Management leadership role.
  • A new company in a totally new environment that is refreshing, dynamic and full of energy that suits me down to the ground.
  • A new product and market.
  • Current salary and T and Cs fully protected (as the mother of 2 young children and the breadwinner, this is key)
  • Possibility of equity.

I literally jumped around the room when the deal was done - the excitement level was intense a la Mo Farah!

I feel full of confidence and positive energy and am now firmly in charge of my own career - and not under the control of my boss!

Naomi Grant

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