Reference For Simon Scantlebury

Where I Was

Having been made redundant, I was left disappointed by the process, scared about what to do next and excited by the possibilities but overwhelmed by the task ahead. I had been made redundant before and as Head of HR helped many people through the process too but somehow it still managed to knock my confidence. Also, I had spent many years working too hard and I was keen to achieve a work life balance. I had faith in my skills but I didn’t know how best to take my career forward.

Why I Used Simon

I had met Simon through a colleague a couple of years previous. I had also recommended him to an employee that had been struggling coming to terms with various family members’ passing. Simon helped him to come to the decision to take a bold step, leave his job and set up a business for the first time and by the way he was a success straight away and loves his new life!

So when I knew that I needed some help to get my head straight and to focus my mind on the best way forward, I felt that Simon would be the best man for the job. I have worked with various coaches before but this was a time to get a specific coach to deliver the right results.

I also knew that Simon would be tough and hold me accountable, and boy he was tough on me at times but that is because he understood what was necessary to get results.

Where I Now Am

After almost six months of starting my new business, and looking back at what I have achieved, I feel proud and delighted for sticking with it, as there have been tough days wondering whether I had made the right decision not to just go and get a job. I am enjoying building many new relationships and working with companies and individuals that want to make positive changes to maximise productivity and performance. I now have associates working with me and I have benefitted from collaborating on new ideas and sharing knowledge too. In addition, I have moved to a new location on the south coast of England with my husband, which originally we thought we would do only when we retire. We love our new home and are delighted with the decision. I am very excited about the future and believe my health and happiness have improved as a result of the changes I have made.

What Difference He Made

Simon was interested in helping me and was confident in my ability to make the right choices for my future. He has been a great support, even when he was being tough on me, he was also encouraging and he kept me focussed and on track.

We also share a love of rugby and I very much enjoyed our discussions and debates about the England Rugby team.

I cannot thank Simon enough and would recommend Simon to anyone who is ready to take the next steps in their career.

Bobbie Coughtrey
15 March 2016