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Richard's Careers Advice - A Case Study

When I first contacted Simon I hadn't been actively working for about 6 months and had very little hope or direction regarding what I would do next. Following a 20 year career in financial services and IT, I had run my own retail company for five years but had then wound it up due to drastically reduced revenues in the recession. Not wishing to stagnate I took on a sales based franchise, but I quickly found that this type of selling didn't suit my personality or skills and after about a year I had lost motivation and was no longer moving forward with the business.

Although the initial fee seemed high, my wife and I reasoned that if Simon helped me to get a job a few months sooner or if he helped me to gain a better salary then we would very quickly recoup the costs. As it turned out Simon did both.

Having tried books like What Colour is Your Parachute I was quite sceptical whether the exercises provided by Simon and Appleby Associates would be of any value. In fact they turned out to be very helpful and far more insightful than anything I had tried previously. Going back over my previous career and considering my former roles and achievements really helped to build up my confidence and enthusiasm. The 360 degree feedback from colleagues, friends and relatives was a huge help in restoring my belief that I did have something worthwhile to offer employers.

However, I doubt that any of the above would be of much use were it not for Simon's guidance, encouragement, experience and common sense. Simon is without a doubt one of the most positive and encouraging people I have ever met, but he is also very sensitive to people's situation and state of mind and able to tailor his approach accordingly. With hindsight I now realise how depressed and disenchanted I had become prior to working with Simon and it was largely due to his help that I was able to get back on track.

Armed with my new found confidence and Simon's guidance I ditched my cumbersome old CV and created a brief 2 page marketing pitch directed at our agreed target industry. From a small number of visits to target companies and one job application I received two job offers, one of which was at a significantly higher level than I had previously thought attainable.

If you are considering appointing Simon, then I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. He has been a huge blessing to me and my family and we will always be grateful for his help in getting us through a very challenging time.

Richard Evans

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