Simon awoke the Sleeping Giant within me

My professional life had been a series of jobs without pattern or purpose, made worse by a series of god awful bosses. I also lived in a town and environment near London I hated.

With my partner, and following redundancy, I decided to move to Dorset where we now have a lovely home. On that front I am settled and happy.

However, sorting out my career and getting a job was far more daunting than moving house. I needed help. Out of desperation, I googled “Career Advice Dorset” and Simon duly popped up.

I felt I had nothing to lose by taking up the offer of a free consultation. We met and it all poured out, including 3 lots of tears.

After lots of confidence boosting discussions and exercises including feedback from my family and friends. Simon prepared me for the job market and showed me how to write a “va va voom“ CV to propel me forward. We identified that I really enjoy one particular aspect of the Finance function and although I only have 18 months’ experience in this role, this became the target.

As a first step I lodged my CV with several recruiters just in case something interesting came up and lo and behold, something did! I prepared like mad for the interview and with my new found confidence went in there and told them what I can do without waiting to be asked. The Managing Director subsequently told me I really impressed them and they are expecting great things from me.

The job is with a well known, fast expanding company not too far from home. I am earning more money than previously, despite working much further away from London. I also have a great boss who is completely normal and makes me laugh.

I am now a Giant in the world of Credit Control. I am bold, I am brassy and no longer fearful. I just take things on and do them.

Simon somehow flicked a switch in my head – how he did it, I don’t know, but I feel very different. I always knew deep down that I had a good brain, but a lack of confidence, due to feeling undervalued in the workplace, had made me aim far too low.

If anyone has any doubts about making that first call to Simon, don’t hesitate – just do it!

Kate Jeffrey