Simon Scantlebury – A Recommendation

At age 35 I was Head of Group Strategy for a fast growing public listed technology business. The work was interesting and well rewarded, but I had a clash of values with the senior team, and I was demoralised, lacked confidence and couldn’t see an opportunity for growth if I stayed put. I knew I needed to make a career move, but with a young family to support and approaching middle age, I wanted to ensure that I made the right move. I decided that if I could find the right person, then it would be worth engaging a career coach to help me.

I met a couple of representatives from ‘big name’ career coaches, but I was unimpressed by their lack of commitment (not able to come to me etc.), personal connection and unashamed promotion of their own published materials.

When I first spoke to Simon I was impressed by his direct manner on the phone, and his commitment to coming to visit me in person for a pro bono first session. The price was at a level that made think hard before making the decision, but I thought it had to be worth it, and it then acted as a real incentive to do my homework!

By including my spouse at the initial ‘discovery’ phase of the programme, and through the 360 process, Simon helped to boost my conviction that I needed to make a move, and gave me confidence in setting a new direction for my career, for the benefit of the whole family.

I very much welcomed Simon’s frank and honest approach, which quickly got me to the point of knowing what I had to do. So quickly that I had to bring forward the interview practice session in order to prepare for a real job interview, which Simon was able to do at very short notice in the middle of the Christmas holidays. Hats off to Simon and Liz for their commitment, and there’s nothing like watching yourself on video being interviewed to get you to brush up before the real thing!

I got a job offer from one of the top London Strategy Consulting Houses, which now seems so obviously the right place for me to be at this this stage in my life, but which wasn’t so obvious before I met Simon. Simon also helped me to negotiate a 20% salary increase and a generous signing-on bonus.

I can honestly say that my life has changed since I met Simon, my confidence has increased, I am doing an exciting job and I feel fully in control of my future. None of this could have been achieved without Simon’s support, advice and encouragement. I might well look Simon up in a few years if I think it’s time for another move.

Alex Dobson