Simon Scantlebury is a unique and brilliant coach

Simon Scantlebury is a unique and brilliant coach and has had a significant impact on my life. Before taking Simon on, in all honesty, I thought it all sounded too good to be true. The reference that he has seems over the top, impossible even but I thought I would at least meet him and see what he was about. After our initialĀ conversation, it seemed that he was every bit as good as his testimonials and I signed up on the spot. Simon brings a very impressive range and depth of experience. This means that it seems there is no situation he hasn’t faced before and no question he can’t answer about getting you into the right job. Any industry, any situation, Simon has a route to success. His methods are not run of the mill. He places zero interest in taking average actions and thereforeĀ gets far from average results. Working with him will require dedication from you – Simon will work you hard and hold you to high standards. In return, you WILL get results. He will help you discover the right path for you and then get you there. Hiring Simon Scantlebury has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I have just started my dream job, one that I couldn’t even conceive of having the courage to undertake until I met Simon. He is no longer just a coach to me but I consider him a friend too.

Simon dedicates himself to those he coaches and therefore has limited space, if he is free then enlist his services straight away. You’ll find it the best investment you ever make.

Glenn Regan – Retail Consultant