Simon’s tremendous support during my career search

Dear Simon,

I am compelled to write to thank you for your tremendous support during my career search over the recent months.

Having left a major corporation after 20 years and then dabbled in the property maintenance business, I found myself in the job market that was largely alien to me. Whilst I was successful in securing two temporary contracts I always wanted to find a permanent appointment.

As the market deteriorated, with the fall-out of the credit crunch, you contacted me through my registration with Monster and when I look back, now that I have secured the permanent career I was hoping for, I acknowledge that you have been a significant factor in this achievement.

Your structured approach to my management of my career was excellent. Whilst I may have picked up a number of the principles along the way, our relationship crystallised what I knew with some valuable tried and tested additional methods.

Knowing what I wanted and why I wanted it was a simple and seemly obvious place to start but one that is so easily and so often overlooked. I never felt that I had the time or the finances to be choosy about my career, but since our introduction I have known if my circumstances at the time were right or not. As I approach my new role I am excited in the belief that my new company ticks the boxes I hold dear, and that I now have a career before me once again.

I feel valued, motivated and passionate as I move forward, knowing that when I didn’t have these feelings, you were always there with your words of encouragement, comfort or tough love. You have the ability to turn every negative emotion to my advantage.

Your service is beyond a business… is a very personal service based on your years of experience and, more importantly, based on your humanity. For your channelling of both towards my personal career management I thank you and I trust that many more career hopefuls will have the privilege to work with you.

I wish you all the very best for the future and will be glad to keep in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Williams