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Steve Cross : A New Career

Dear Simon

A Satisfied Customers Reference for Simon Scantlebury

About 6 months ago I was reading some of the excellent references for Simon, I have now actually written a reference for him.

This means I have gone through the whole process, wondering whether to hire him, working with him and coming out the other end with some significant learnings, loads more confidence, a new career and a new friend, I think this is an excellent outcome.

I followed up on some of these references and came to the conclusion I should hire Simon and did so immediately, if you are reading this and need some feedback then don’t hesitate to make contact with me.

At the point of contacting Simon I was faced with the opportunity of “engineering” a compromise agreement with my employer, Shell International, but a number of issues were troubling me. I was unsure about what to do next, the economy was on the slide and I was suffering from a lack of personal confidence (mostly due to my boss at that time – but he’s history now).

As soon as I started working with Simon I began to engage my potential. Simon’s constructive, open and positive approach immediately started to improve my confidence. I upped my game significantly in developing my professional network. Through a number of iterations and 360 degree feedback my personal marketing collateral became leading edge and “opened doors” for me. One head hunter commented “Steve your personal documentation is outstanding, my client definitely wants to see you” I now work for that client.

In summary my new career hunt became a real pleasure, I uncovered a wealth of on and off market opportunities. Over a period of 3-4 months I never had less than 10 “potentials” on my list at any time. I secured plenty of interviews and also did interview training with Simon and my approach became very polished. It felt hugely empowering when I was made an excellent offer which I turned down. With one prospective employer, who was keen to work with me, I undertook some consulting work.
As my search developed and several of the opportunities matured I eventually had 3 offers and amazingly written contracts arrived for 2 of them on the same day.  This is a great story which I enjoy telling but don’t underestimate how much work has to be done to make things like this happen, Simon can help you with this work but you have to do it.

Working with Simon has been excellent, we grew to understand each other and I would ring him regularly to talk through opportunities or as circumstances changed. His approach with me was very supportive and massively encouraging. I got to a point where I could anticipate what his advice would be and I know now that this is the true benefit of having a coach in business and in sport.

Simons approach is very direct, he is intuitive and incitefull and because he has enormous experience and a broad spectrum of happy clients he invariably has knowledge and advice to pass on for every circumstance.

Steve Cross
Director Global Corporate Services
Woking, Surrey

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