Transcending ‘Career Advice’

Simon was recommended to me by a stranger: her recommendation was so brimful of superlatives that I had to phone Simon and see for myself!

I contacted Simon at a point in my life where I knew what I wanted to do – I had a clear vision of it- but it felt as though this vision was behind glass. A world inaccessible to me. This barrier was preventing me from moving forward or accessing what I most dreamed of. I was in a rut and in a job that was draining my energy and enthusiasm.

Simon gifted me with a new perspective; a new way of seeing. He was able to hold up a mirror to me. I saw in that mirror all my self-doubt, and all the hundreds of reasons I had constructed to keep me from my vision.

This is Simon’s greatest gift; he watches and listens closely and then leads you- with deep compassion- to the root of the matter.

The root, for me, was a crippling self-doubt that I could succeed in my dreamed of venture. He helped me to empower myself to dig out that diseased root and to plant the seeds of my new business.

With Simon’s help, in a handful of sessions, I have begun! Together we have built a bridge- a transition plan- between my current school teaching job and my new self-employed role as a yoga and wellbeing teacher.

Simon’s manner is professional but personal: he draws from a deep well of both wisdom and expert knowledge. He lives what he shares. He has been in my shoes and he knows the way out.

Simon showed me the exit door. I chose to walk through it.

I know that without Simon I would still be standing with my nose pressed up against the glass, so to speak, longing for the world beyond. Without him I could not have made it a reality.

Simon has been my guru! He has awoken me to my self-sabotaging behaviours. Our work together has transcended ‘career advice’ and has dug down to the very wellspring of my creativity to see what had been blocking the flow.

And now? For the first time in a long time, I feel excited about my work and my future. It is no longer a dream but is now dates and bookings in the diary. It is a new website being built as we speak. Wow! Why did I wait so long?

Thank you Simon.

And thank you to the stranger who brought this extraordinary man into my life. I now recommend him to you…

Holly Cole