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William Landale : Career Coaching Works

Dear Simon

It is with some embarrassment that I am only now getting around to writing to you. I apologise.  Being “busy” is no excuse. Please do not let my delay in writing to you dilute in any way the gratitude I feel towards you and what you have done for me.

I came to you in May of last year, down if not “out”. The world was against me; my wife was against me; bills were mounting and I simply couldn’t see a way out. I couldn’t understand what was going on – I was (am) intelligent, had (have) an interesting CV, was (am) outgoing…and yet I simply couldn’t find a vocation / job. Why? What was wrong? I was despairing, losing confidence and starting to think that I should just become a gardener or a taxi driver; I was at point of making irrational decisions, compromising and looking to settle for anything that came my way.

I was being courted by another career advisory service, but was singularly unimpressed with their proposition. Their business model was flawed – it made the “customer” ( me) feel as if I would be a commodity on their conveyor belt, a statistic, an item from whom they would simply extract a fee. No care, no concern, no personal attention.

Through a bit of investigation into the market of career coaching, I met you. What was clear was that you were everything that this other service wasn’t. You cared. You wanted to get to know me. You were not going to let me undershoot. You were going to push me. You were not going to “get me a job” or dictate what I should / should not be doing. I needed to take responsibility for my own future. But you were going to drive me to make the best decisions for me. And you were going to ensure I got off my backside and make it happen. That was your proposition to me.

And it worked.

I was looking for a structure, a framework, by which to approach the task in hand. You gave me that structure. But you gave me much, much more than that. Firstly, you deconstructed my past, my interests and helped me decide what I wanted to do. Importantly, as part of this process, you helped me decide what I didn’t want to – eliminating irrelevance became a critical part of the journey, and helped fme focus. Together, we used your structure to craft and mould my aspirations and to chart a course to realize my aspirations. Every session we had built further my confidence in myself. I came out thinking “yes”, the art of the possible, instead of negative reasons why not. I looked forward to our sessions. You helped my celebrate success. You pushed me to explore and to uncover opportunities. “Recession is good…” I started to feel good about myself. No, I wasn’t going to compromise. I was going to do what I wanted to do, not what others wanted, or were telling me, to do. In hindsight, I now realize that Simon Scantlebury was gently directing me, a soft hand on the tiller, making sure I was heading in the right direction at the right pace.

And it worked.

I ended up with three opportunities, at CEO level, in a niche industry I never dared believe I could enter. When I look back, I have to pinch myself – three “blue chip” opportunities! One would be good, two excellent, three…well, enough said. I have taken one, and start on May 1st. I am fired up, I am excited and I am raring to go. I do not recognize the person who came to you 10 months ago, down if not “out”. He has gone, consigned to history. There is a new me now.

Simon, I cannot adequately express my thanks to you for what you did for me. Lets me clear – you did not find me a job. You did not uncover the opportunities which eventually presented themselves to me. I did that, and I am immensely proud of having done so. But none of it would have been possible without your guidance, your direction, your advice and critically your belief in me. You made me make it happen.

Thank you, Simon, very much indeed.

Kind regards,

William Landale

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