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This story tells you why career counselling and coaching really worked big time for Mark Roach…


Following a successful career as a sports journalist, I stumbled into sales where a pattern emerged. I would start a new job, do well, then get bored – changing jobs frequently. I lost all motivation and decided to do something about it…


Simon has had a massive impact on getting me back on the right career path, doing something I love and am great at doing, and earning what I am worth. He has done much more than that though: he has helped me turn my life around.

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I highly recommend Simon as a career coach to anyone who wants more out of their current career or a change of career.

Having recently worked with Simon, I know from first-hand experience that he is someone who can and will help you get on the career path that you want, need and deserve.

Simon has had a massive impact on getting me back on the right career path, doing something I love and am great at doing, and earning what I am worth. He has done much more than that though: he has helped me turn my life around.

The amount of money Simon has charged me is nothing compared to the value of what he has given me in terms of earnings and, more importantly, doing what I love and what I’m supposed to be doing.

Meeting Simon was a result of a 10-year journey I have been on, not just in my career but in my life in general. Until May 2007 I had a successful career as a sports journalist. I was editor of a golf magazine in Dubai. It was the best job of my career up until that point.

For personal reasons, I moved back to England in May 2007 and soon found a good job that I enjoyed doing. There was a commercial element to the role and this was my introduction to sales, which I did well at based primarily on my communication skills.

Having stumbled into sales it then became my second career, but a pattern emerged. I would start a new job, do well, then get bored. So, from having a strong identity as a sports journalist, I developed a reputation for changing jobs frequently.

In April 2017 I decided that I’d had enough of sales. I’d just passed my 6-month probation period in a sales role, having achieved 50% more than my sales target the previous month. But having achieved my aim of passing my probation period, the job then went flat, I lost all motivation, accepted that I didn’t like the job and decided to do something about it.

That’s where Simon came in. I searched for a career coach online and Simon popped up. I contacted him, explained that I wasn’t happy in my career and he agreed to meet me.

I really like Simon’s approach. He is direct and to the point, and someone whose sole aim is to find an effective solution. Unlike recruitment agencies whose agenda is all about finding candidates for their clients, Simon’s only agenda is to find the best solution for YOU.

Why go to a recruitment agency who are driven by the best interests of employers and whose only interest in you is fitting you into a box as determined by their client, when you can work with a career coach like Simon who is only interested in helping you?

Simon told me it was clear that I had simply lost confidence and, after going through the initial stage of his process (which involved me telling him about what I wanted to do and what I was good at, and also involved getting honest feedback from friends, family and former colleagues), he also told me that it was obvious that I needed to get back to what I was good at, enjoyed and was meant to do: namely, writing and being creative.

Simon told me that I already had the tools I needed to get the type of role I wanted, needed and deserved; that I was very good at what I did and just needed a nudge in the right direction. He told me to go for it and I followed his advice.

As a result of my meetings with Simon, I became confident and motivated. I changed my CV and LinkedIn profile, tailoring them to what I wanted to do, and not just using them as a summary of what I had done previously.

It worked. Very quickly after my meetings with Simon a number of opportunities came up, and I was offered an amazing role that before meeting Simon I would have thought was beyond me.

In a very short space of time, with Simon’s help I have gone from doing a job that I didn’t like, to changing career back to what I’m meant to do, finding a great job and increasing my salary by 50%, being paid 3 months’ salary up front and being given shares in the company (and that’s just for starters!).

Simon tells me that of the 1,800 clients he has worked with, mine is the quickest turnaround he has seen. That is because I took Simon’s advice and followed his instructions throughout the process. If he can do it for me, he can do it for you.

It took me 10 years to get my career back on track, but I did it within a matter of weeks of my first meeting with Simon. He did what he said he would. He helped me get the job I wanted, needed and deserved, and get paid what I am worth. But much more than that, he gave me the confidence to do it and to value myself much higher than I had been.

My advice to anyone thinking of working with Simon to help them improve or change their career is this:

A) Do it.


B) Do exactly what he tells you to do. It works!

If you’d like to know more about my experience of working with Simon, please feel free to contact me at;

Simon is an amazing career coach. I’m lucky I got an opportunity to work with him.

Finally, thank you Simon. You helped me to see my potential and get my life back on track.

Mark Roach

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