Due to Covid-19, all coaching is no longer face to face but remote via video.
With reduced costs, fees have been heavily reduced! Contact me to find out more...

Video Testimonials

  • ‘Two and a half years ago I was in a hospital bed for months suffering from a rare life threatening illness. I was totally unable to walk. When I eventually left hospital, I could only shuffle around using a zimmer frame when I decided to call Simon in to 'help me get back to work'. This video is my story of restarting my career having stared death in the face!’

    Naomi Elliott

  • ‘Simon totally changed our lives!’

    Aoibheann & Paul Hopkins


  • ‘Out of the blue, something popped up that I had a go at that was nothing like I had ever done before. I wish I had found it years ago because what I do now is a perfect combination of using my skills and attributes to best effect and by far the most satisfying role I have ever had.’

    Matthew Winter

  • ‘The first meeting I had with Simon was the most important in my whole life. It changed everything.’

    Fola Togunloju

  • ‘I’m now much happier and more satisfied - I have freedom and control. My life has been transformed.’

    Steve Rothwell

  • ‘He is a great guy who makes sure you get what you want from your career.’

    Lois Ireson

  • ‘Working with Simon is a joy and we have made extraordinary progress . He goes to amazing lengths to help people.

    David Lindsay

  • ‘If your career is in the doldrums, you need Simon. He is the best in the business. Working with Simon is the best business decision I have ever made.’

    Jane Blanchard

  • ‘If you want to change not just your career but yourself sign up with Simon. I urge you not to miss out.’

    Phil Stubbington

  • ‘Simon’s Passion, Determination and Positivity are contagious. His trademark is inspiring clients to achieve more than they ever thought possible.’

    Liz Pocknell

  • ‘Gave me back my self belief. He put a lot of effort in helping me and the payback is tenfold. He is honest, genuine and a great guy.’

    Matt Andersson

  • ‘Simon’s core message is about having confidence and projecting it to the world and he is absolutely right.’

    Simon Andrewes